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KS-Z1, Folding Knife in ZDP-189 Super Steel

KS-Z1, Folding Knife in ZDP-189 Super Steel

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The Zirconium alloy front handle boasts a clean, lustrous surface subtly revealing faint patterns, exuding understated elegance. The Titanium alloy back handle ensures durability and robustness.
The front handle features overlay made of Zircuti material. This overlay, produced through intricate craftsmanship, exhibit unique and vibrant patterns. From various angles of light, it emanates a mesmerizing play of colors, showcasing remarkable individuality. This undoubtedly represents the epitome of your refined taste.
The blade is made of DLC Coated ZDP-189 Super Steel, known for its exceptional hardness and corrosion resistance, reaching a maximum hardness of 67HRC. The DLC coating not only enhances these qualities but also delivers outstanding rust resistance and scratch-proof performance. What’s more, it bestows a mysterious color and texture upon the entire blade, creating an unforgettable sense of mystique.
Even the small pocket clip, made from Zirconium alloy, ensures the entire knife reflects premium quality in every detail.
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Knife Type: Folding Knife
Blade Material: DLC Coated ZDP-189 Super Steel
Handle Material: Zirconium, Titanium, Zircuti
Blade Length: 80 mm/3.15"
Overall Length: 197 mm/7.76"
Lock Type: Frame Lock
Opener: Front Flipper
Grind: Flat
Weight: 141 g


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